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13th October 2007, 19:08
I know that you have to spend over ?500 but do you have to take the ferry cost too or can you book independently? Also I know you cant pay for a weekend upgrade ferry. Can you just book the accommodation?

13th October 2007, 19:13
If ferry is incl then yes as I understand it, it would be cheaper than booking yourself anyway?

13th October 2007, 19:15
yeah prob but was just checking in case they whack on a daft price for a weekend ferry

13th October 2007, 19:16
also if im right you have to spend 500 on accomodation alone so not sure we can get this deal as the price for the accom and ferry is 540, so im guessing ferry is more than 40 quid so I cant use clubcards?????? anyone know?????????/

13th October 2007, 19:20
When I booked it was package price that had to come to ?500 not accomodation alone.

13th October 2007, 19:21
If the ferry is paid for in deals then, it should be better than hard cash.

13th October 2007, 19:34
Last year my holiday base price was just under ?500, so I told them to add on an extra night, and never ended up staying that night. Also as we flew they deducted the ferry off (about ?40) and we paid accomm only. All paid with deals tokens.

13th October 2007, 19:52
thanks both thats really helpful if its package price thats much better for us as we are a small party.

Did you pay extra for the weekend ferry?

13th October 2007, 19:56
also do you know which ports ferry is from/to? do you have a choice? Doesnt say on website. thanks in advance

13th October 2007, 20:44
I have the brochure...usually the Dover- calais crossing is included in the price. There are various alternative crossings...ie last year we went from Poole and next year are looking at sailing from Hull etc etc, but you pay extra for all of these. Maybe best to send off for the brochure and you can work out the extra cost for yourself.

13th October 2007, 21:55
thanks i will

22nd October 2007, 19:09
Just phoned up to book my hol for next year. I have been with this company twice before (courtesy of MR T).
I am now being told that I can only book accommodation with deals vouchers and that must come to over ?500 (which it does). The ferry part and any other extras all have to be paid for. :mad:
Think this is bad, as how do they expect you to get there?! Am off to Italy....!! This has definitely changed from previous years.

Anyway, am now looking at booking with P&O direct for my ferry crossing, but just more hassle.

Thought this may be of use to someone who is thinking of using this company. Also has anyone else discovered this too this year?

(I did challenge booking rep on phone, and she went away to check about paying for ferry but came back with same answer)!

22nd October 2007, 19:21
i would be very interested in this too, my friends have been with them quite a few times and everything was included.

i have been frantically saving my points to book for italy next year and will be exceeedingly peed off if this is the case

im sure it says on the tesco deals site that its for everything

22nd October 2007, 20:55
No Sue, have just checked the Tesco deals info bit and it does seem to have changed. :mad:
Am well peed off!
They are also saying you need to pay in full to use deals otherwise you have to pay deposit upfront and cannot get it back by paying deals. This means more than likely you will lose some deals, as chances are won;t get the amount exact.

Definitely worth bearing in mind that at present you can book P&O ferries (but only until 17th November - to order deals).

This is my plan. Think this will be my last year with French Life. :tongue:

22nd October 2007, 21:30
the camping life deals bit says the ferry crossings are included. aaagh im so comfused

24th October 2007, 08:30
Have already booked with them for next year but only paid ?1000 with deals so not sure if they would have let me pay in full. Sounds dodgy as the ferry crossing is included in the price. Think they knock off either ?50 or ?100 if you dont want their ferry crossing so surely this is all they can expect you to pay with money?

24th October 2007, 08:34
Have just checked on the Tesco site and they can be used to pay for the short ferry crossing thats included in the price but not for any additional ferry supplements for longer crossings/cabins/weekend crossings etc.

25th October 2007, 12:32
You need to check P&O are pulling out.

25th October 2007, 22:17
Just to update....have got my french life hol sorted now. All paid for in deals. But I am travelling with P&O ferries also paid with in deals.
Beware though - the price they use is not the Camping Life brochure!! They (rather cheekily) take the price out of the French Life brochure (which I wasn't aware of and don't have a copy of). So they may be spinning me a yarn, apparently the Camping Life price doesn't apply when using deals. Even though it is exactly the same holiday. They even tried to sway me into paying for the hol with cash by offering a 30% discount. Um, I don't think so.
Also to clarify you can pay for the basic ferry ie Dover - Calais in deals. Just not any other crossing or any other extras. Sorry if I didn't make this clear before.

If you don't want their ferry crossing they will knock off ?40 - one off fee per party. Make sure this doesn't take you under the ?500 mark.

All in all I'm still pleased as have a weeks holiday for 4,end June/July in a nice lodge on Italian Lake. Ferry included and it is under ?1000 in deals. So thanks Mr T.
And I still have all my Nov mailing to come!! To put towards next hol.

26th October 2007, 08:51
Whats the difference between French Life and Camping Life? I've booked with French Life in the past and am going with them next year but always thought that they were the same as Camping Life - are the prices the same?

28th October 2007, 08:45
I was just wondering if anybody knows if french life have any accessible apartments or lodges.:help:

9th March 2008, 22:06
Is this still a deal??

10th March 2008, 12:27
Camping Life are now Canvas Life and still come under the French Life umbrella. I just booked a couple of week ago for a week in Brittany in July.

10th March 2008, 21:36
just go through www.frenchlife.co.uk and then if you click on camping,it will redirect you to canvas life