View Full Version : consumer jury - is anyone on here a member

20th October 2007, 19:43
I have been inundated with emails from a survey company called consumer jury.
As I am already a member of several others I wanted to know if anyone thought this was a good one or not.
cannot find any info about it and actually do not remenber applying.


20th October 2007, 19:45
I'm not signed up to this one - must be the only one I'm not!

20th October 2007, 20:43
Go on then sunflower I volunteer you to do the leg work:) then let us know if it's worth us joining:D

23rd October 2007, 00:14
Decided not to sign up for this as there is no payment incentive - they just enter you into a prize draw each month.
Wonder where they got my details from in the first place.

23rd October 2007, 00:17
i get the feeling that half these survey sites are linked and other sell on your details

23rd October 2007, 13:40
I would say give this one a miss unless anyone who has had experience of it can tell you differently.
Im with loads of survey companies, but Ive never heard of this one. When I first started I did join a couple which 'paid' in prize draw entries but after a while got a bit fed up doing their 30 min surveys for no reward, so left. At the end of the day you are giving them a lot of info for which they are presumably being paid so for that reason I no longer join any that dont pay. Also Ive never had my details passed on or spam from any of the reputable companies but this has happened from the prize draw ones. I use a different disposable email address for each survey site I join so if I start getting spam from elsewhere its easy to see which company passed it on.