View Full Version : Bankers draughts

4th December 2007, 12:49
or whatever they are called, what are they, are they a banks cheque, and how long do they take to get, anyone know, i am with lloyds TSB????
or would a building society cheque be better??? how long for these with Abbey???

4th December 2007, 12:53
its a bankers cheque
you'll pay for one at tsb but you may get one free at a building society

i'm with the leeds and i have an account there..if i want a cheque i just ask and they write it out there and then for free

4th December 2007, 12:55
Thanks, i might ring or call in and ask as may need it friday or next tuesday if my deals havnt come through

4th December 2007, 14:13
Depending on what you want it for ... a lot of people will NOT treat them as cash because there are a lot of forged ones in circulation. Don't think you can turn up at a garage with one and drive away a car, for instance, because there is a high chance they won't take it. Obviously its OK for anything where you are not collecting the item immediately because the seller has time to clear it.

4th December 2007, 14:17
for anyone accepting one of these cheques ...its a good idea to phone the bank or building society of the issuer and check the cheque :) is legit

4th December 2007, 14:24
Its for mpoint, thats how you have to pay the remaining balance.

4th December 2007, 16:57
If they want a bank draft you'll pay a fee to the bank, usually ?10, they can be done there & then (LLoyds maybe different but wouldn't have thought so). You'll need to take 2 forms of ID with you eg Lloyds debit card & passport or drivers lic & details of who it's payable to


4th December 2007, 17:02
Thanks, i rang earlier, its ?20:eek: so i am going to ask at the abby as i have an account there, but i am prepared to pay if i HAVE to as i was told it takes about 15 mins.

4th December 2007, 17:19
does your child have a bank account with a bank book as i know that if you do it this way halifax don't charge you, so other banks may do the same

4th December 2007, 17:35
We have 4 kids accounts with the abby, i will pop into town tomorrow and enquire after i have been to the gym.