View Full Version : Deposits with Cosmos

4th December 2007, 13:56
If I have a holiday costing ?2700, and have ?1750 worth of deals, do I also have to pay cash deposits too?

4th December 2007, 13:59
Yes you will have to pay the cash deposit now when you book. For Florida it was ?150 a person but it differs from brochure to brochure (I think).

4th December 2007, 17:49
I had to pay ?390 cash (3 people) even though i was paying in full - Refunded me after they recd the cc vouchers - So i would say yes :(

4th December 2007, 17:57
Yes, I booked a ?5500 hol. paid ?3795 in deals, ?840 deposit by maestro card then balance is due 8 weeks before departure :rockon:

4th December 2007, 23:57
I didn't pay a deposit, but I paid the total in vouchers, which I had obtained prior to booking. and they were in their hands the next working day.