View Full Version : Cosmos with deals for a family of 5 help!

4th December 2007, 14:46
Hi, I am hoping to go somewhere next June for 2 weeks, it will be myself, dh and our 6yr old and 2 yr old twins (age by then)...

Having looked at the website am I only going to be able to go for a Villa holiday? or does anyone know anywhere where you can get a room/apt for a family of 5?

I don't mind too much where we go but want somewhere family friendly and with a good rating (also recommendations would be great!!)

Hope you don't mind me asking, sorry if this is covered elsewhere..

Also when I book do I have to have all my deals I will be using or will I just need them the 8 wks or so before departure?

Thanks peeps


4th December 2007, 14:54
We had this problem too!! Then found one place which took 5 in a room but they have since left Cosmos - typical.
So there are places out there it is a matter of going through page by page and trying to find!!
As we are now taking the fil, I have stopped looking for a place for 5 as we need two rooms now anyway.
Maybe someone else will know of a place??

4th December 2007, 15:05
You would need to have your deals at the time of booking. Also, I just found out that you have to pay a cash deposit if the whole holiday is not payable with deals.

4th December 2007, 15:15
The hotel we stayed at in Turkey have family rooms (two bedroom one bathroom) which will sleep 5 they say - there was only 4 of us and 4 single beds total but I guess they roll out another bed. Can recommend the hotel too, I've posted on the review section.


4th December 2007, 18:59
Get the brochure and flick through everything looking for places that will have 5 in one room. That's what we have just done!

Club Sun City in Olu Deniz Turkey did 5 bedded rooms. We picked Olu Deniz Beach Resort that has family rooms with a double bed, bunk beds and a cot.

4th December 2007, 20:07
You don't necessarily have to have your vouchers in hand before you book, I booked a couple of weeks ago and then ordered them on-line later that evening and the girl I booked with at Cosmos was fully aware of this and fine with it. Because I was paying for the entire holiday in vouchers, I only had to pay ?40.00 at the time for us to sit together on the plane (extras are not covered), but I think you will have to pay the deposit in full when booking if paying partially with vouchers. I received the vouchers in about 4 days and sent them off and I have just now received a receipt from Cosmos stating that the holiday balance has been paid in full.

5th December 2007, 11:09
That Sun City resort looks good, but no family rooms left for next summer (shame) I have ordered a brochure so will go through that and check out the family rooms...I get the impression they go quickly though...

Thanks for your replies :)

5th December 2007, 11:12
When we booked with Cosmos we phoned them up and asked what they had available and we even got a holiday paying full with the vouchers and money off the holiday. That was in Majorca, Cala Bona. The place is fab and the room was big and great but the service in the hotel was crap!!!!!!

6th December 2007, 19:23
We are a family of six, two adults, fifteen yr old, twelve yr old,four yr old and baby. We had problems finding suitable accom for us lot with cosmos when we tried to book a few months in advance too when we HAD to go last july. Apparantly two bedroom places get booked up very early, especially in school hols. Also we did want all inclusive but were told its just hotels that do this and therefore not feasible as would be one bedroom. In end found us a place in corfu which had both good and bad points which il elaborate on if interested. :star-smiley: