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black cat
5th December 2007, 21:01
I am trying to work out the cost of a stay for 2 nights in in a Thistle Hotel for deals. The Tescos website says:-

Prices quoted on the Thistle Hotels website are not valid for use with Clubcard Deals Tokens.

So does anyone have any ideas about what I can use for a guide price (I know I could call them up but being lazy tonight). From looking at the Thistle Hotel website the hotel i am looking at (Thistle City Barbican) the standard double room rate seems to range between ?117 and ?180 so I am guessing it woudl be the highest cost but I can see no difference between the rates (the ?117 one seems to have the same cancellation policy as the ?180 room)

Also the info says :-

Deals Tokens(s) may only be used by the Clubcard Holder whose name is printed on the Tokens i.e. they may not be given as gifts or combined with someone else?s Tokens on a single booking.

I know this might be the standard info but I normally convert straight to BA miles so do not normally read the t&c for other deals. Anyhow my question is, I have four accounts in variations of my name and my BF name, it will be both of us staying in the hotel so would I be ok with using all these vouchers together.

Thanks in advance...

5th December 2007, 21:21
I have stayed at a couple of Thistle Hotels paying in full with vouchers but although i paid for couple of rooms i only used vouchers in one surname, but from 3 accounts as only surname on them. If you phone the Reservations at your chosen hotel and explain you want to book a room for 2 nights and you will be paying with Tesco Deals Vouchers and you need to know how much, so you know how many to order before booking they will tell you.

5th December 2007, 21:22
There are some REALLY bad reviews of this place on tripadvisor. To be honest, I don't think there are any good Thistle hotels. The company was taken over a few years ago and the new owners are running it for cash with no investment. They are also closing down sites in London and selling them off to be turned into flats.

To be honest, I would rather stay at a Travelodge than a Thistle. Seriously.

Use your deals with Hilton or Marriott. Barbican is well placed for the tube so you'll have no problem getting there from a Hilton or Marriott elsewhere.

black cat
5th December 2007, 21:26
Raffles you are one step ahead of me re the reviews...

We are wanting to be in the Barbican area, we want to be somewhere on the direct tube from Wembley and we know a few pubs in that area. The Hilton/Marriots I have looked at seem to be well over ?200 a night and I am only going to have this quarters vouchers to use if we do go down this route so will be looking for ?100 max in vouchers...

Sorry I can not rep you as I need to spread the love a wee bit first