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8th December 2007, 06:15
Near Stoke. I know a few of us have been there, this is a fab place to visit if you can!
I love it there, more than my children! ;)

About this Deal
A unique experience for everyone - come to the only place in Britain where you can walk amongst 140 Barbary macaques roaming free in 60 acres of beautiful English forest. Walking in the park you are transported into a different world through close contact with the monkeys.

There are no bars here between you and the monkeys - this fantastic setting allows the macaques to display natural behaviours as they would in the wild. Guides are always at hand to explain their antics as they occur before your very eyes. Here, the monkeys are kings and queens of the forest; playing, climbing and clowning around. As you walk through the forest if you are really lucky they may cross the path in front of you - or pose in all their splendour for that memorable picture!

www.monkey-forest.com (http://www.monkey-forest.com)

8th December 2007, 09:04
There are no bars here between you and the monkeys........

How boring - I need a drink if I'm out with the family & a pi$$ed-up macaque is one of the funniest sights in the animal kingdom. Ah, no, wait, you mean metal bars..........:shocked:

8th December 2007, 13:19
took the kids to this a couple of years ago not enough for a full day out but well worth a visit a couple of the monkeys came and sat with us was told by one of the keepers if you dont make eye contact with them they dont feel threatened and will come closer to you

8th December 2007, 13:22
Good point, not enough there for a day, but worth considering if you're in the area, maybe for an Alton Towers stay.

8th December 2007, 13:22
Wow! That looks fun!

8th December 2007, 15:46
Looks good, wher eis this on the clubcard deals page, i seem to have spent most of the last week there but didnt see it.

Has anyone got details eg prices?

Just wondering wether it would be suitable for my gang, all elderly teenagers?

8th December 2007, 15:52
Under New Deals MHoc. There's a bit of a hill there, but nothing too bad, depends how adventerous you all are! ;)


25th February 2008, 13:03
Just bumping this up because we were driving around Trentham at the weekend and noticed that just down the road from the Monkey place they have built a new Premier Inn - you know the purple place Lenny Henry is advertising. No idea when it is actually opening.

So quite a good central base - Alton Towers with deals on day one and Monkey Forest with deals (and the shopping place next door to Premier Inn)on day two when everyone is tired.

Also in this months Gardens World there are various BOGOF vouchers for entry to various gardens and there is also a buy one entry get one free for Trentham Gardens.

25th February 2008, 17:12
thanks mhoc,
would really like to go here in the summer.
will save up my piggy points for premier inns vouchers.

Grace & Favour
25th February 2008, 17:45
If I took my son to Monkey World they wouldn't let him out again . . .

(he's rather hirsute to say the least!)

25th February 2008, 18:27
What a coincidence!! I have just booked 3 nights in Quality Inn Stoke-On-Trent today for Easter Hols so that we can do Alton Towers and was wondering what else was around the area so thanks for the info on Monkey Forest -can't wait to tell my Son and my friends now :p