View Full Version : Different addresses on Virgin vouchers

8th December 2007, 21:45

I'm saving for a Virgin holiday and have been reading everyone's very helpful answers, thanks :clap2:

I've got an account in my Mum's name, at her address, in order to get some more baby mailings. I'm thinking of adding some points onto it, as I'm sending in loads of phones, and want to spread them round, e.g. 5 on each account. And my main card will have 30,000 when they've added everything on, so need another one.

My Mum's initial is the same as mine, and my passport is still in my maiden name. Will I be able to use points from this account towards my holiday, or will it be a problem that the address is different?

Hope that makes help, thanks for all your help.


8th December 2007, 21:52
The vouchers only show surname, no address or initial.

8th December 2007, 21:54
No worry with address as long as surname is the same

8th December 2007, 22:06
No problem only surname on vouchers

9th December 2007, 12:12
Thanks all for your answers. Will keep on sending in the phones then.

My target is ?2000 (50,000 points) towards the holiday this quarter, so have invested some money towards it on ebay in cheap phones and baby vouchers. When they've all gone on I should have 48, 413 according to my spreadsheet, so nearly there.

My family are kind of politely amused by my new hobby, but hopefully should be impressed when we can book to go to St Lucia.