View Full Version : My doggie is having an op tomorrow

9th December 2007, 22:32
My 4 legged baby is being speyed tomorrow, poor fat thing hasnt been able to eat since 6pm LOL, not that it will hurt her, she has to be there for 8.30 it will be a long day for me:(


9th December 2007, 22:36
Awww she's gorgeous bless her. Hope it goes well tomorrow Michelle xxx

9th December 2007, 22:37
ooh what a gorgeous dog. hope everything goes ok

9th December 2007, 22:41
What a lovely looking dog michelle - although doesn't look very impressed at being in that water!

Hope it goes well tomorrow!

9th December 2007, 22:43
What a lovely looking dog michelle - although doesn't look very impressed at being in that water!

Hope it goes well tomorrow!
She absolutly loves water, we cant keep her out, i think she just wasnt impress that her toy was at the bottom of the pool LOL
She is gorgeous, the most soft placid dog anyone with kids could hope to have.:love:
I would be devasted if anything happened to her.

9th December 2007, 22:49
Aw shes lovely Michelle,Id be lost without my four legged friend we get so attached to them dont we

9th December 2007, 23:17
aww she is so cute, good luck for tomorrow

9th December 2007, 23:20
Oh bless, hope all goes well

10th December 2007, 07:08
We've got that privilege to come in the New Year, my 4 legged baby Ruby send her her best and says 'Woof' !!!!

10th December 2007, 08:28
I'm sure it will be fine. When we had ours done she was losing blood like there was no tomorrow for hours afterwards, we were really worried, but the vet said although a bit unusual it wasn't a big problem..... try telling that to us as she stood outside (it was Summer) with blood dripping on the patio!

Sory didn't want to put the fear of god into you, just to say even if this happens the vet wasn't that concerned..... they do loads of these ops every year.

Lovely dog by the way!

10th December 2007, 09:35
good luck doggy!!!!! hope all goes well:)

10th December 2007, 09:39
Thanks everyone, dropped her off this morning, also asked them to check a couple of othewr things with her...she ALWAYS has ear infections, and started scratching AGAIN at the weekend, she always does the bum spin, despite being on stronghold which isnt cheap and has a wormer in with it, and had her anal glands sorted not long ago to, and i noticed a little tiny lump thing on her bits which they think is a cyst, which could be why she spins as its probably itchy.
So she might be one very quiet hound when she comes home, all i can say is apart from the speying thank goodness for pet insurance....with NO excess as a lot of her problems have been just under the ?50 normal excess.
I have to ring them about 2 and she should be ready 4.30-5 if all goes well.

10th December 2007, 09:47
Everything will be fine, but we can't help worrying about them! She'll obviously be very subdued for a day or two but its amazing how quickly they bounce back.

Now if it was a woman we would be waiting on them hand and foot for a month LOL!


10th December 2007, 09:57
Sorry for being soo thick lately but just realised you changed your username DOM, tut tut, you trying to hide your little chats with Floosy????
I'll have you know most of us women get up and get on, if only i could be waited on for 2 days let alone a month would be nice.
I'm sure she will be fine, thanks everyone.

10th December 2007, 18:34
Well she is back home and very quiet, which is to be expected, they took a needle biopsy on the cyst/lump the vet says its most likely a cyst as there was lots of puss, she has antibiotics for it, but if we want slides sending to the lab then its up to us, we said yes send them, her right ear was manky, they have cleaned it out and also the antibiotics should help that, use the drops we have and if need more can get some when she goes for checkup on wednesday.
So the lump could be caused by the bum shuffling or thats why she bum shuffles as its irritating her.

Grace & Favour
10th December 2007, 18:38
I find that when my DW bum shuffles across trhe kitchen - it irritates me too - especially if we have guests at the time . .. . .

10th December 2007, 18:52
Glad your pup is doing well meemo.Give her big hugs from me and my 2 mutts!

10th December 2007, 22:04
Yes and another two slobba dog kisses from my two princesses!

mutley muppet
10th December 2007, 22:09
Aw, she is gorgeous! :love:

My two boys send doggy wolf-whistles & hugs too! :)

11th December 2007, 16:10
Last night when we brought her home


She is much livlier today, we had to take the collar/lampshade off as it was so tight, she has a thick neck, she kept coughing, although this could have been a dry throat from the pipe/anaesthetic, she has an appt tomoz so will see about a bigger one.

11th December 2007, 16:48
Bless her!

12th December 2007, 10:57
Well what a night, we are shattered, Muffin did nothing but cry and wander all night, digging under the stairs, unusual we though, could she be in pain, didnt seem like it, finally she woke stepson up, so we made her sleep in our room, she went to sleep about 5.30, i was up at 7.30 for school:mad:
Took her for her checkup, i explained about the crying, and that her boobs seemed much bigger than before the op, but thought maybe it was because she was shaved they looked bigger.
Upshot is she has a PHANTOM PREGNANCY, we did think she was doing all the things she did when she was pregnant, so she now has a course of drugs as they usually recommend a drop in food and extra walks, but she isnt allowed to go walkies far.
Soooo, she has been speyed, has ear infection, phantom pregnancy and hopefully infected hair folicle, although they have sent slides off incase its more sinister.

12th December 2007, 11:14
Aww bless her.She is definatley having a bad time of it at the moment.But fingers crossed it can only get better.My little lady had to have an emergency hysterectomy a few years ago cus she just ruptured and was a few hours from death.The vet totally cleaned her out and she recovered really well,but it made me wish i would have had her done when she was a pup cus she went through so much leading up to the op.She had no symptoms of being ill at all then one morning we got up and she wouldent leave her bed,which is odd,so watched her for a few hours but she didnt improve so i took her to the vets and he knew what was wrong straight away so kept her in to operate on the following morning,well as i got back home half hour later the phone was ringing and it was the vet saying he was opperating now cus he didnt think she would last.He phoned me 4 hours later at 10 pm to say he had just finished and she was fine but we nerly lost her.Apparently for some reason its common in staffies,i know 3 that it has happened to.