View Full Version : Oli - OMG I won

13th December 2007, 14:45
OMG I won! Thanks to the person who told me about the site just a few days ago! I won ISSEY MIYAKE Eau D'Issey fragrance!!!

Wooo hooo

13th December 2007, 14:46
well done beba thats great, its good to see a pts winner

13th December 2007, 14:55
Haha! Welldone :)

How did you get the code for the 2nd day hon?

I tried adding 1 on but that didn't work

I tried recommending a friend but didn't get an email with a new code

I recommended a friend! Try again and check your junk mail!!

13th December 2007, 14:58
well done!!!! :D:D:D

13th December 2007, 15:05

Thanks beba - it took about 10 mins for the email to get through and I'd gone by then :o

Good Luck! I hope you win!