View Full Version : hilton help!!!!

21st December 2007, 08:10
posted off deals registered last week, still no voucher back from them. do i still need this? i have confirmation e mail..... staying one night next week:help:

21st December 2007, 08:14
Hi Suzi

Yes you need the Hilton Vouchers as you use these to pay when you check-out, otherwise they charge your card. I would give them a ring and ask them to check where the vouchers are.


21st December 2007, 08:32
rang em, no voucher needed apparently

21st December 2007, 08:35
cant rep u dom sorry!

21st December 2007, 09:53
I'd double check if I were you suziq. I've also booked to stay at a Hilton next week, and received Hilton vouchers a couple of days ago (registered post).

We're staying in Leeds, so maybe it's different in different hotels but my T&C say I must present the vouchers or else it will all be charged to my credit card.


21st December 2007, 09:58
Yes I would also double check if I was you Suzi, I'm staying at a Hilton on monday and I have got a voucher, they are like gift vouchers and you have to use them when you check out and then pay the balance, I don't think that it will be on there that you have already paid!

21st December 2007, 13:02
I have heard that sometimes they will fax the hotel direct if your voucher hasn't been sent out. Maybe they are going to do this??

21st December 2007, 19:58
glad I saw this thread, also staying next week and no voucher, I had completely forgotten about it - better get on the phone!

21st December 2007, 20:08
phew - spoke to the supervisor at hilton, they are backed up with the vouchers and will fax them. You can't ring till monday though. 9am to 5 pm

21st December 2007, 20:14
cant rep u dom sorry!

Nuts to you then :p


21st December 2007, 20:15
well i asked em this morning, and they said that no voucher required, been paid for, will ring the hotel and check tho

21st December 2007, 20:35
I stayed at the hilton last week and had a voucher did arrive about a week before my stay and had booked about 12 weeks prior to this.