View Full Version : La Senza Gift Boxes - A Warning!!!!!

25th December 2007, 15:51
Be careful if you got anything in these - the one I opened had lots of little beady type of things in it - think they were slighly perfumed - whilst a novel idea I am not too happy that they went all over the floor and would be a severe choking hazard if young ones got a hold of them

Am seriously contemplating writing to them making them aware that perhaps at Chrstimas these should be removed. They were also inside the garments and when these were removed from box kept coming out.

25th December 2007, 16:42
i got one but didn't get any beads inside

25th December 2007, 16:42
these are tiny though like wee beads - was just thinking if a kiddie got hold of it they look like little sweeties - might pop them in an organza bag like and stick in undies drawer
PS this was a mail ordr one

25th December 2007, 16:54
Thanks Giz, I placed an order online today, and I would not be too pleased if scented beads ended up in my cats mouth.

25th December 2007, 16:58
yup I forgot the pets as well .. especially as they roll all over - would be better if they used scented paper or put them in a bag

25th December 2007, 22:19
I had these too in a gift I bought for my sister, though not a large amount and I can't see any on the floor but gave a quick hoover just in case.:D

Unintended Muse
25th December 2007, 23:34
In store they ask if you want these.. and you can pay extra for bag of them..

Last time the local store manager asked if I wanted scented beads I said no thanks.. she said I expect you have quite a collection by now.. Do you think I spend too much in there? lol

25th December 2007, 23:36
lol - guess you can tell i dont get stuff from there - really dont have my size usually

still its good to warn people

Unintended Muse
25th December 2007, 23:39
Its always a good idea to warn folk Giz..

I like La Senza cos they do stock my size.. which is kinda small really..:D

Unintended Muse
25th December 2007, 23:40
btw.. their sales are great value..:D