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27th December 2007, 12:52
hi all,
new to the various cash back sites arround these days only ever been member of greasy palm and not to impressed. Dont really buy a lot online except from ebay and tesco on a regular basis.
IS there a site that gives you a % of either of these as cashback/vouchers etc.
:)any advice welcome

27th December 2007, 12:57
I dont rate Greasy palm, Quidco i currently the hottest cashback one, you can get cashback in your bank account, and you can keep a track on your transactions, you do have to pay a yearly fee of a tenner, but the rewards on cashback are so great, theres also daily clicks for kellkco and a couple of oethers. i also still like mutual points, ive had loads of cheques for them, for cash, theres quite a few daily clicks on there to, if you can be bothered that is, hope this helps

27th December 2007, 12:59
quidco.com, has mr T's on also, if you click through and do a grocery shop you will earn ?5 cashback instantly! ebay is also on it. hope this helps you

27th December 2007, 13:07
I thought annual fee on Quidco was a fiver?

27th December 2007, 13:08
So did i until they took a tenner off me!, also off my sister to

27th December 2007, 13:12
They have only taken ?5 per year off my OH's and my account. But it is shown as ?10 when they show all the amounts because they show 2 years charges together.
By the way for the OP, I have made about ?700 this year from quidco, mainly through insurance renewals, do your contents and buildings seperately to maximise returns. Also car insurance and I have changed fuel suppliers. I also only go for the cheapest quotes, because there is the chance they may not track, however all my big ones have paid out, albeit one after a successful enquiry.

27th December 2007, 13:17
Well done jen thats brilliant!
I am still fed up with the home insurance building and contents, i did it at beginning of Sept, and it now nearly Jan 08 and still i have not had my ?120 cashback, i opened a ticket and it was acknowledged and the tickets been closed now, the date still showing as payment unknown, i know its taken some people a few months to get theirs but i am thinking of contacting them again come Jan 08

27th December 2007, 13:50
yes, I was a bit pleased:D:D Was your enquiry with lloydstsb, mine said payment unknown and then checked my account one day and it had appeared, so hang on there.

27th December 2007, 14:03
Really? no mine was with natwest

27th December 2007, 18:47
thanks for advice folks looks like will have to look into quidco then.

have a rep each

27th December 2007, 20:20
They only took ?5 of me a few weeks back.

Maybe they know you have two accounts :)

Just Joking.

You sure you are not looking at the Total list, 2 years = ?10

27th December 2007, 21:55
So did i until they took a tenner off me!, also off my sister to

That was the ?5 from last years fee added to this years, so although it looks like they have taken ?10, they haven't.