View Full Version : Anyone know if xl.com are coming back to clubcard deals

28th December 2007, 13:14
Does anyone know if xl.com are planning on returning to clubcard deals this year. I read somewhere where they may be returning after a years break. How true is this.:confused:

28th December 2007, 13:29
I would be over the moon if that was the case - But i really dont think it is a possibility - where did you read this??


28th December 2007, 13:32
Would be too good to be true !

28th December 2007, 13:35
on a thread here

1st January 2008, 10:14
we'll just have to wait and see if they do return. I'm sure as their bookings go down, then they may come back. They need to fill the seats on the planes after all:D Or is that just wishfull thinking! We will see.

1st January 2008, 10:25
My flight booked with them to Zante, has been changed 3 times and now they have sent me a letter with change of flight times and change of Airline- now going with AirMalta !!?

S x

1st January 2008, 10:42
things are looking dodgy for them, and I want to book an excel one seat today as have found a fab price, do I risk it?

Mind you if they change it to a scheduled airline in buisness class, I will be laughing!

1st January 2008, 10:46
I dont think they are going to fold Mav, we sell plenty of seats through them at work, and they are part of Kosmar and a few others who seem to sell well. I just think they have done a bit of streamlining this year- well for this year now....lol

S x

1st January 2008, 10:49
Thanks Sammy, as I have a house sna am not paying for accomodation, its not a disaster if I lose my flights as long as I get my money back any way.

1st January 2008, 15:44
Well bitten the bullet and booked, BVIS here I come, cant wait.

1st January 2008, 15:52
I thought they were bought out by Travel City.

mutley muppet
1st January 2008, 15:57
I'd love it if XL came back! They are cheaper than Cosmos for the holidays I want, plus i can get flights from my regional airport instead of Gatwick which is a trek for me!

1st January 2008, 18:41
I thought they were bought out by Travel City.

Travel city was bought by Avion group that own XL as well as Air atlantia europe.
Air atlantia provide the planes to TCD and XL and also leases planes to airlines and companys worldwide.

So they are all part of the same company but trade seperate. I think this year TCD are using XL planes, prob cheaper to do this than rebrand them TCD

God Im sad for knowing all this....

1st January 2008, 18:44
Any one got any reports on xl one?

1st January 2008, 18:48
Any one got any reports on xl one?

not first hand but some reviews of XL

would take them with a pinch of salt mind as this site tends to publish more negative than positive

I think for transatlanic flights this year they have newer planes. Ive not flown XL one I did econ with them many years ago to portugal and found them ok

1st January 2008, 19:03
Any one got any reports on xl one?

We've flown sunshine first with TCD on an excel flight which I think amounts to the same thing?:confused: If so, the flights were excellent, 52'' seat pitch, free drinks throughout, handheld laptop type entertainment consoles, with films, music, games etc on them which kept the kids amused all the way, and a good price for the flights... couldn't fault them. We have used them twice now, as so much cheaper than VA and BA, and am struggling with the fact that we will go economy in 2009 albeit it will be free due to Mr. T.:D

If there was a way you can upgrade with Mr T to this flight I would definately recommend it.