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28th December 2007, 13:36
Hi all - have you seen the new Clubcard deal 'new id Experiences - Photoshoot' ? Got excited about this one but then I read its for up to four people only, no good for me and my mob but looks lovely for anyone else who wants professional photos done. :)

Have a good new year everyone :)



28th December 2007, 13:56
No good for us either, not that i want to be in any pics LOL, hate it, theres 8 of us if we did want to though:eek:

28th December 2007, 14:09
I had some pics taken as part of the TV prog i was on (tight gits didnt give me any even though having photos taken or not having any taken in my case was the story of the show LOL) so i paid ?85 for one framed pic, she gave me the others in a lovely album about 12 pics in the album which should have cost ?360-?380, that was WITHOUT any costs for the shoot itself, i wouldnt, couldnt justify that kind of money, but they were fab pics.
She must have taken about 500 pics which we had to view and choose from.

28th December 2007, 15:58
If you want the new ID thing done this is the cheap way to do it - buy it as a present through buyagift - through quidco so you get 12 % back - you buy an experience day for 2 for ?45 this includes 1 x 8 x 6 photo each a makeover (hair cut or coloured, make up done, nails etc.) then if you want extra pictures buy them before the day as they are half the price.

The pictures are really good, the service is absolutely terrible. You will wait all day in a crowded waiting room with loads of people they will keep putting you off and lying to you about how long it will take, and overall I'd allow about 8 hours to have it done (first tiem we went it took 10 hours! I complained and they gave us free VIP treatment for second trip - that took 7 hours!) But your hair is done cheap, they do give you bucks fizz all day so if you go with a friend you can just have a laugh, and they are good pictures.

28th December 2007, 16:58
We went on the new I.D and it was really good. It was on bogof when I booked through last min.com. Well worth it. I think I paid under 20 for the haircuts and photos,and all that goes with it - for two of us. Had a really good day.

I could not fault anything from the day we had.