View Full Version : I am happy and want to share!!!

28th December 2007, 23:24
I want to share my happiness with all my lovely PTS friends!! :D

We bought a new car today!!!!! 2 yr old Vauxhall Zafira, its blue, thats about as technical as I get I'm afraid! :p But its very pretty!!! It will be the most newest car we have ever ever had, never spent more than ?1000 on a car before!! This one is from a real dealership!!!!

Got a good deal on the price, paying a ?2k deposit & the rest on a v good finance deal. And got a good trade in on our ricketty old mondeo!

Able to manage in part thanks to an inheritance that has finally come through. So glasses raised tonight to AJW who made this possible!!

Have also had a lovely evening at the pantomime tonight, Cinderella, DDs loved it, got home at 10 & they hit the pillow & out like a light!! :)

Unintended Muse
28th December 2007, 23:25
Awww.. congrats to you and I hope you have many lovely family outings in your new car. x

28th December 2007, 23:25
Well done you - ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28th December 2007, 23:27
Wonderful news! My car's dead in the garage - but thats ok, I'm happy being chaffeured at this time of year - more mulled wine? I think so!

Well done, I love that new car smell.... I can remember getting a friend to come and sniff my new car.....lol

28th December 2007, 23:27
Well done, will we be seeing any pics???

28th December 2007, 23:28
Pleased to hear your good news. Hope you new car gives your many years of safe and troublefree travelling.

28th December 2007, 23:36
Thanks guys!!!!

Forgot to mention...am getting insurance quotes through Quidco!!! See, I'm learning!!!! :D

28th December 2007, 23:53
Sounds great enjoy

29th December 2007, 00:34
thats great news hun, am really pleased for you

29th December 2007, 07:38
Well done hun, so happy for you :)

Any pics at all? :D

29th December 2007, 08:55
Really pleased for you. :):)

29th December 2007, 09:06
Hope you have many happy miles in your car! :)

5th January 2008, 16:49
Got it today!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

Its fantastic, all blue & shiny, so nice to drive, I love it!!!

Have just spent 20 mins trying to upload a pic, but it says file size too big....how do I make picture size smaller??? :der:

5th January 2008, 16:52
Got it today!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

Its fantastic, all blue & shiny, so nice to drive, I love it!!!

That's wonderful, enjoy it hun.

5th January 2008, 18:00
Well done you.
Still buying garlic to fund mine, OH thinks we have just about got enough for the wheels lol

5th January 2008, 19:25
well done - good to see someone nice getting good news :)

5th January 2008, 19:28