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30th December 2007, 16:35
are these the same thing???
I have baking powder, but if its not the same as bicarb then its no good for what i need.
I bought some glycocil, think thats how its spelt, and i have to use bicarb to neutralise it after putting it on the skin or it will keep burning:eek:
Not sure if i have the nerve yet to use it.

30th December 2007, 16:41
I wonder if this link will help you meemo?

http://chemistry.about.com/cs/foodchemistry/f/blbaking.htm (http://chemistry.about.com/cs/foodchemistry/f/blbaking.htm)

Grace & Favour
30th December 2007, 16:46
Bicarbonate of Soda is very alkaline - and is used for neutralising acids (and is also great for cleaning ovens, fridges and Microwaves, (and making sherbert!) BTW)

Baking powder is NOT THE SAME I'm afraid . . . .

30th December 2007, 17:00
what exactly have you bought?:eek:
any reputable glycolic acid product should really supply its own after neutaliser and not relie on you to use things out of your kitchen cupboard.
be very careful as it can be strong stuff and is not yet properly regulated in the U.K.

30th December 2007, 17:03
I bought some 8% and 30%, it states you can use the proper stuff, or as an alternative use bicarb, it says start with the 8%, i think you can get it well above the 30% tho.....must admit a bit scared to try it, had it about 6 weeks waiting for the courage LOL