View Full Version : Solar energy 'revolution' brings green power closer

30th December 2007, 20:05
Great article>>



gobbyash (my first GREEN post)

31st December 2007, 01:56
That is excellent news, another step in the right direction.

So to run my TV at 150w, I would need to spend basically ?150 on panels, then I could run the TV free forever, until the panels break or the sun goes in. Simplistically if I ran my tv 6 hours a day, mostly at night from stored energy, thats 328500w or 328.5kw per year, which at around 11p per kw is ?36 a year, or over 4 years to recoup my outlay.

The 99p per watt sounds great if you are going large scale, but still prices home users out as there are no mention of installation costs, storage batteries, cabling etc.

However I am far from dismissing this, if it is as good as they say and they can get the costs down I can see this being a requirement in future building regs, to at least have some solar if it can just be easily laid over any surface (although the surface itself would need to be covered I suspect, to prevent damage).

31st December 2007, 03:35
I believe some research labs have also found a way to make the photoelectric cells 10 times as efficient at conversion than at present which will make solar even more attractive in the future.

31st December 2007, 06:41
I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I rekon that there is already a cheap to install, method of green power, that will never break down, is always reliable, and will cut energy prices to minimum, but as the energy providers are such a big industry, they are being held back so these companies do not suffer!

I used to work for a large electrical goods manufacturer, in the lobby was an everyday object that had been produced back in the 50's, it was still working as good as new, when questioned about how these objects dont last as long now, the reply came, "We would go out of business, jobs would be lost" etc etc.

The government are led by these large firms, and imo are holding back as they would lose far too much revenue if the free to run/green power took over.

OMG I am soo rambling!

31st December 2007, 09:14
I see your point, Dee. I've often thought that more could be done and thought that the Government was more concerned with keeping big businesses happy than the greenhouse effect.

As for electrical goods not lasting as long nowadays, I have a spin dryer that my mother bought in the 1950's, which still works perfectly. She used it a lot as she had no washing machine and I still find it useful when the washing machine needs repairing or if someone needs something in a hurry.