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31st December 2007, 15:53
want mr t to take us on hols this next year, 2 adults 3 kids aged 10,11 and 12 when we go. would like AI hotel rather than villa, but def need a suite, couldnt face all in one room, nor 2 separate rooms. any ideas how to search cosmos for bigger rooms, suites?

31st December 2007, 16:08
could be me being useless, but i cant find a way of doing this either, ive been searching all the accomodation seperatly checking each ones occupancy individually, really frustrating as the choices are quite limited as well and were only 3 adults and 1 child :confused:

31st December 2007, 16:11
Ok, not exactly what you want to know but another idea for holidaying with bigger families, what about youth hostelling. Most have rooms with 6 or 8 beds or you could ask for a 4 bed room for the kids and a 2 bed room for yourself. Your gang are just the right age for enjoying youth hostlls.

Rooms work out at about ?60 a night but it depends on the grade of hostel. We tend to do our own breakfast and packed lunches. In the evening we either eat at the hotel, do our own dinnner if its salad wether or the fish and chip shop.

Ones we have been to that we liked were Eyam where we had a room in the eduction suite in a seperate building, double bed and bunk beds for the kids, kitchen here is very small though. Windermere is a lovely Art Deco bulding, lovely kitchen with huge windows, birdwatching and views over the lakes, huge grounds for exploring and loads of things to do, Arnside which is a lovely old fashioned see side town, close to Morecame and the south end of the lakes, York is another excellent one, a bit deaer because it includes breakfast but masses to do...

You can get your membership with tesco clubcard deals and also pay for rooms with deals.

I also have 3, all two years apart and holidays have always been a problem but the pre-teen stage was by far the best.

31st December 2007, 16:49
Cosmos do Club Sun City Turkey Olu Deniz AI family room for up to 5 - lady told me it was plenty big :noidea:

31st December 2007, 17:43
this is a great post, there are five of us, and we usually have to pay for 2 rooms, so any ideas on holidays would be fab

31st December 2007, 18:58
great post there loads of us too and I've just about got enough points to book a holiday with siblu but only booking with them because I couldn't find a suite anywhere.

If anyone has found one I'd love to know more.

31st December 2007, 19:09
could suggest you look on the timeshare websites of Interval interational as they can search on 2 bedroom suites etc - then you could see if the place is available with Cosmos/Virgin

31st December 2007, 21:08
We are a family with two adults and four children. In the Summer Mr T paid for our xl flights to go to the Canaries, and we paid direct for our accommodation in an internet-booked apartment.

The apartment had 2 bedrooms, one on a mezzanine floor, two shower room/wcs (one on each floor) and 2 balconies as well as a kitchen. Oh, and in the living area the settee became a double bed for my oldest teenage son to stretch out on, leaving the three younger ones to their own floor upstairs. It wasn't luxurious but was spacious and the complex had a couple of swimming pools and the sister hotel nearby had family entertainment, as did some local bars.

It felt like we were staying in a hotel as the apartment was on the second floor of a busy complex, not isolated like some villas are. We found it suited us but we did spend quite a lot on food and eating out (no coupons OMG!!!).

I would look for an apartment again, it worked well for us, shame xl.com are no longer part of Tesco Deals. I found it by looking for apartments in the Cosmos website - which seemed expensive even allowing for Deals paying most of it - then I googled the apartment names we were interested in.

This found useful results in 2 ways; firstly I found the Canaries-based company we then booked direct with at a much cheaper price, secondly the results also showed all references to those apartments and the company we booked with, on forums and Holiday-Truth type websites. I spent a day or so trawling through the results & links I found, reading enough to know I had found what we wanted.

31st December 2007, 21:22
Yes I am finding the same problem as I am trying to get price ideas for our holiday in 2009 - we are a family of 6 with our AI holiday in May - I have a room for 5 and a single room so if OH misbehaves he's on his own !

Welshy x

31st December 2007, 22:18
yep being a family of 2 adults and 4 kids is a major pain when it comes to finding accom on holidays. I dont think i would mind so much if the boys were older but theyre only 11,9,4 and 3 so totally seperate rooms etc just isnt an option! LOL

1st January 2008, 12:39
We're 2 adults and 3 children, and are travelling with Cosmos in May. The way we found accomodation was to get the Cosmos brochure and go through everything searching out places that would allow 5 in a room.

Club Sun City in Turkey was a possibility, but we went with Olu Deniz Beach Resort which takes 4 plus a cot space (baby will be a year old).

Check the prices if you are considering seperate rooms. The children will have to pay adult prices rather than a lower child price if they are in their own room.

1st January 2008, 17:47
On the Cosmos Home page there is an option for Family Fun. When I searched under this heading I seemed to get different choices from those when I just selected the destination and date from the left hand column. We are only a family of four, so not sure if this will help with a bigger family though, but it does seem to give you accomodation that can accomodate bigger parties.


1st January 2008, 17:55
thanks all for help! still looking

1st January 2008, 18:48

Just done a random search for 7 nights from Gatwick to Tenerife on 15/7 for 2Adults and 4 Children and it brought up suites at Adonis Jardin Isla Bonita which is AI. This was the first one I clicked on after selecting the Family Fun part and entering the party size there, so this might work!

Good luck