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3rd January 2008, 19:49
I have just decided to move from BT to Talk Talk for telephone which gives you free telephone call at any time of the day to other landlines and cheaper mobile calls.

It is cheaper than BT but does anyone know of any pitfalls. If I sign up I have to stay with them for a year.

Any help and advice appreciated

Thanks x

3rd January 2008, 20:11
We are with talk talk, get free calls anytime to other talk talk subscribers, and a calling circle (like bt) of family & friends etc for cheaper calls. And free weekends I think. I pay about ?15-16 per month including line rental.

3rd January 2008, 20:14
I had tonnes of problems with them, infact I ended up emailing Charles Dunstone (who has appeared on watchdog) and complaining to him because I just couldnt get any sense out of the call centres.

eventually, it was sorted and now its fine it was just the initial set up problems eg not sending my modem etc when they should and disconnecting tiscali b4 I was live on their plan.

I pay ?32 a month - for broadband and calls

Welshy x

3rd January 2008, 20:21
There are stories online of huge charges if you get a fault on your line and have taken line rental with them, may apply to wholesale BT lines. This is because unlike BT who will fix your fault for free (as long as it is at your master socket or beyond, not inside) where Talk Talk buy the line they have to pay BT to fix it, which they then pass to you.

Not sure if this is still the case, but something to be aware of.

The consensus seems to be never transfer line rental away from BT if you can help it.

If you are a Sky customer you will find Sky Talk cheaper than Talk Talk, we did so moved.

3rd January 2008, 21:03
I HATE TALK TALK :mad::mad::mad:

I had absolute nightmare with them !!! Broadband service is nothing short of a joke.

Worked fine for the first 6 weeks, then nine months of hell - intermitent availability, five modems, seven microfilters, countless calls to useless technical support centres (all based off shore). I was so stressed that I give up trying to access internet at home !!! :eek:

Despite the fact that you have to pay for the top package to get broadband, their attitude was you are getting broadband for free, what do you expect ?

After several heated arguements and numerous letters to customer services, I managed to cancel service and switch to Sky, which has been a revelation - 8 months and not a problem :D:D:D

3rd January 2008, 21:33
Me too - had talk talk for exactly a year (as quick as we could get away from them!) and they were a pain in the whatsits to set up, and they disconected us waaaay too soon when we left them - we asked for mac on the Thursday and they disconected us on Monday! We still hadn't got set up with anyone else, a conplete nightmare. And they are still trying to bill us for phone and broadband even though they cut us off in November!

AAAGGGHHH steer well clear!

4th January 2008, 10:15
Thanks for all your advice I have a lot to think about

4th January 2008, 11:17
We've been on TT with broadband at 2 different properties now.

First, you need to understand how Talk Talk work. When they only have a few customers in one area (one telephone exchange area) there equipment is bodged in with BT's. When they get x number of customers, they put in there own dedicated equipment which they control.

We had a nightmare with them last year - they did the switch to their own equipment, messed it up, and we (and every other Talk Talk customer in that part of London) had no incoming calls or broadband for a MONTH.

However .....

Today things seem to be better. Two reasons:
1. Almost all telephone exchanges now have the Talk Talk equipment in, and
2. The number of new applications has reduced sharply now the initial rush has died down

Our new house was connected in, I think, 3 weeks. The broadband will still drop out for the odd 10 second period at peak evening periods, as it did at our old property, but its a price worth paying given how cheap the package is. We actually have the full 8 meg connection speed, but then we are literally 200 metres from our telephone exchange so its not surprising.

Its also worth noting that you get ?32 cashback via Quidco AND Nectar points each month on our spend.

The minimum contract with broadband is 18 months, by the way, not 12.

Incidentally, we had massive problems with BT at our new property who required THREE visits to our house to TURN ON THE LINE which the old occupant had had stopped. A totally ludicrously pointless exercise. They also insisted on giving us a new number which was a nightmare because we had already given everyone the old number. On the occasions I had to call BT to make these appointments, I was on hold for literally an hour each time before the call was answered. You should get your phone service as far away from BT as possible - at some point in 2008 BT will lose its monopoly for turning on new lines, and not before time.

4th January 2008, 12:59
I had nothing but trouble trying to get set up with them, took months and months. THey started charging me when I wasn't connected, they didn't inform my old ISP that I was changing so was getting charged twice.

In the end I gave up cancelled everything and went back to my old ISP (toucan - which may I add never had problem with).

I still now get letters in post requesting payment for their service, and each month I call them and tell them I am no longer with them and they cancel it and the next month its the same.

Everyone I know who has tried to go with them has had problems setting up but once with them its OK

4th January 2008, 14:49
I am only taking on the phone for the moment ?17.99 for free calls any time of the day to any landline.

My broadband is with aol and I am in contract for another 3 months.

It seems that broadband is the problem everyone is having

4th January 2008, 17:47
It starts out at a fixed amount on the phone calls side then goes up and down like a yo-yo :( then when you pay a sub to get extra tarriffs we found that they still charge you!

4th January 2008, 17:51
Good job I have 28 days to get out it - has anyone any good to say about Talk Talk

Which is the best provider for your phone?

4th January 2008, 17:59
Have you tried uswitch (through pigsback or similar for cashback if you decide to change) to compare all the different ones for expense then perhaps have a read up on the telephones board on MSE HTH

4th January 2008, 18:48
I'm with TalkTalk and have found aslong as you dont use the modem they give you then the cost majorily outways any small issues.. we have TT3 and pay ?20.50 for all call and broadband compared to ?25 a month I was paying just for BB with Zen :)

emma falvi
4th January 2008, 19:21
i work for talktalk customer services, all i would suggest is that if you have any questions regarding your package, call customer services there will tell you as much as you want to know also you can look on the website the package that it sounds like is that you are going on talk3, if you are wanting to have broadband do you know if you are able to get the broadband for free, you can check this on the talktalk website, and if you are able to have the free broadband you would need to change to talk3 international for 20.45 per month. with a one off connection fee of 29.99, but if you kick up a fuss regarding the connection fee you can get this waivered (eg not being told when you signed up) even if you have been told. when you are ringing regarding this say that you want to cancel, as there will then offer you reductions on your package, as there are not want to lose you as a customer hope that this helps

4th January 2008, 19:36
Thanks emma so if I ring up now will they reduce the monthly ?17.99 payment?

emma falvi
4th January 2008, 19:43
hi, i'm can not say for sure, but say that you have been offered something cheaper and there may offer you a reduce you bill,

4th January 2008, 22:42
We used to be with TALK TALK and it was a 12 month nightmare. We now use Vodafone at Home ?25.00 a month includes broadband, telephone line rental and free 01 and 02 phone calls 24/7. If you do not have a Vodafone mobile contract it will cost you ?35.00. So my broadband, line rental and phone calls are under ?30.00 a month as we only pay for the 0845 and 0870 if we've been unable to find an alternative number on Saynoto0870.

emma falvi
5th January 2008, 16:14
hi holliemon
how did you get on talking to talktalk regarding getting a reduction on your package price

6th January 2008, 12:51
Emma I rang them and I am not on the system yet so I have to ring Wed to see if I am on the system so I can cancel. I looked at my mobile costs on BT and I dont think I will be any better off.

I was lured by the free phone calls day and night - but really I text people now so I dont think it will be any good.

Thank you for asking