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4th January 2008, 08:45
Just had an email from Hilton about London hotels, for thse interested in rooms for 5, the Paddington and Islington Hiltons both have suites that accomodate 5, with a one in a rollaway bed at no extra charge.
I have to ring for a price, which I may do next week.

We are still toying with going to Haven with Deals, but would then have to hire a car (more expense) or doing London on the train for a few days, oh decisions decisions! At least London prices are not inflated as much as Haven during school hols I suppose!


4th January 2008, 09:23
Have you thought about looking at the travelodge site as they are doing ?9 per room at the moment. So you could get 2 rooms for ?18.

4th January 2008, 09:26

Yes we have looked, but no ?9 in London. We could get the ?29 rooms though.
Just don't know what to do this year, we didn't go anywhere last year, and really need a break.


4th January 2008, 13:46
We are also looking at going to London via train. Half term up here is different to London area (ours is a week later in February) so worth checking ;)

Try this link to find cheaper train fares - http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/promotions/toc_index.html

You have to search around to find cheaper fares, worth looking on MSE as there is a lot of info on there.

4th January 2008, 14:53
or what about thew Holiday in the Sun? ?9.50 ones.

I know. We had the same problem last year then manage to book a ?9.50 sun holiday for October half term (better than nothing) only for DH to lose his job the Friday before we were due to go!!

Hope you get something sorted.

5th January 2008, 17:07
For the London trip it might also be worth considering the youth hostel, think its St pancreas ??? very close to several railways stations, YHA membership and room rates can be paid for with deals. Its a bed and breakfast hotel.

Someone did post a review of it up a while back.