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4th January 2008, 11:55
I booked the hilton hotel yesterday and told them that i would be using tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for it. Gave my debit card details which i though was just for them to hold incase i didn't turn up. Checked my online banking today to find over a hunderd pounds gone out of my bank account, phoned my bank to find that ?132.00 had gone to hilton hotels, have just phoned hilton to find out that i had been booked in for the wrong rate and booked in for a advanced room which you pay up front, they admitted it was their mistake and the reservation had messed up. Spoke to the York hotel where we will be staying who have said that they will refund to my card and rebook a room at the rate i was oringally quoted yeserday which was ?136.50 and send me a email with confimation, i should have recieved confirmation yesterday by email but never did. It took three phone calls yesterday to book, first i was told it was ?136.50 so told them i would ring back after speaking to my oh, phoned back to be told 159.50 and this was only a few mintues after, told her i had been quoted 136.50 and asked her to hold the line while i spoke to my oh, when i got back to the phone she had hung up, so called again and this is where is all went wrong. Hope that this is a one off and it doesn't happen to anyone else. Should i have put a complaint in or just leave it that they are going to book me in the room they should have in the first place. Also when you book with virgin holidays do they have this where you can only book certain dates, like with the hotels.

4th January 2008, 13:18
The difference between ?136.50 and ?159.50 is possibly the difference between a 'pay in advance, no refunds' rate and the 'cancellable' rate. If they let you have the room for ?136.50 then you've got a better deal than you should have so I'd leave it at that.

Virgin - no restrictions on when or where you can go, except that you cannot pay for extras like flight upgrades with vouchers

4th January 2008, 15:45
Thanks raffles