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5th January 2008, 15:03
I have some nearly out of date days out tokens -s3010 - can I use these when booking my hol with French life - s6010.
And then if I have spare French Life ones can I use these later in the year as days out??

5th January 2008, 15:11
see below

5th January 2008, 15:14
I've just spoken to CS about this....you certainly can use the French Life ones at other outlets. I wanted to check for restaurants, and they confirmed this was fine.

5th January 2008, 15:15
Oh Excellent stuff - thanks for that peeps.

5th January 2008, 15:19
no,, sorry, hang on.

you can used named ones (ie French Life) at days out locations but,

the Tesco deals info page re days out says:-

"We hope you enjoy the Clubcard Deal you have chosen. However, if you would prefer to use your
Clubcard Deal Token(s) for an alternative Deal, these Tokens can be used as full or part payment
for any Deal which does not have the ‘Buy in Full’ logo next to it in the brochure, but cannot be
used for Avis car rental, Goldsmith, Hotels or Holidays."

I have used days out ones at the Marriott which conflicts with the above so I'd check with French Life if I were you.

Deals info page here:-


5th January 2008, 15:28
I will check with them - just thought if I could get rid of my short date ones without having to send them back it would be easier. My phone needs re-charging - how annoying!! So have to wait a wee bit till I can phone and book.