View Full Version : warwick hilton

6th January 2008, 16:17
Anyone been to hilton warwick what is it like what i restaurant llike. I am takling my wife for her 40th birthday

6th January 2008, 16:24
used to use Hilton hotels a lot when I was in my old job, are you going weekend or on weekdays ?

6th January 2008, 16:26
I think they are all much of a muchness iyswim. Very nice though. Will ask DH - he took DS there for a boys weekend last week!

6th January 2008, 16:29
Not been to the one in Warwick but we stayed at one in Nottingham a couple of years ago and the food was fantastic!:D:D

6th January 2008, 17:54
You could try looking it up on www.tripadvisor.co.uk. They have peoples' review of hotel, resorts etc on here.

Usually worth taking with a pinch of salt though, there will always be someone who is not satisfied, but can contain useful info.