View Full Version : best to use several cashback site or one ?

9th January 2008, 13:00
just looking around and wondered if its best to use lots of different cashback sites as i noticed different sites offer different cashback amounts for various websites ? ot is it better to keep it all together and just one cash back site ?

cheers and sorry for silly questions


9th January 2008, 13:02
my main one is quidco, but i also use pigsback for things that arent on quidco, think if i had more than this it would get too confusing!

9th January 2008, 13:10
Try them all to start with. I did about 8 of them.

Think about where you shop most and go from there.
You'll soon find the one best suited for you.

I now only use Quidco, Ipoints & Pigsback, though the latter is pretty poor.

Quidco, good for visual tracking.
Ipoints, good for free points in emails, searches & signups.
Pigsback, good for nothing much apart from 1 daily click & competitions.

If you are going to sign up to any, get a friend to refer you first.
They, or you both, might get a bonus of something or other.