View Full Version : Looking for living room furniture...help needed

13th January 2008, 18:06
We are currently gutting our living room and are looking for a matching furniture set but are having no luck! It needs to comprise of a coffee trunk /table with drawers?, tv unit and computer desk (must have room for the power unit inside a cupboard, a few drawers and be the sort where you can sit in front of it and have the chair in a space iyswim rather than a completely covered cupboard), maybe a nest of tables/small table too.
I don't mind either light or dark wood as long as its chunky, modern and made of wood (not veneer). The only set we can find at the mo is in Next and its VERY expensive!!! I've been trawling websites all afternoon and am getting a bit narked. We don't mind paying prob up to ?600 ish??? Can anyone recommend any companys??

13th January 2008, 18:08
Have you tried IKEA? - their stuff is not expensive and always have matching ranges / sets.

13th January 2008, 18:17
John Lewis often has some good furniture - sale on at the moment and free delivery too. If you do buy there is a ?20 off ?100 code on MSE that will work too.

13th January 2008, 18:41
Have a browse with this seller on Ebay Plover. We've had some good solid oak pieces from them.


13th January 2008, 20:03
Thanks, i'm off to have a look...