View Full Version : BSM Driving lessons - order for friend??

14th January 2008, 14:39
Has anyone ordered these deals?? Do you think I can order them and a friend use them??

14th January 2008, 14:51
Yes, you could. They are not named.

14th January 2008, 15:57
Thanks for that. (I am all loved out so no greenies - sorry. will try and remember for next time)

14th January 2008, 17:43
I ordered this as an xmas pressie for someone. Once you have recieved the deal voucher, you need to send to BSM to get the lesson voucher and goodies. There is also a form to fill in and on here you can put it as a gift.

16th January 2008, 10:53
Bought both of my stepsons one of these when they each turned 17 - I just received a form which I completed in their names. It used to be better value a while ago and included 6 lessons, 1 simulator lesson, book, cd and L-plates, all for about ?45 worth of deals. However, is still a good deal - driving lessons are so expensive these days!

16th January 2008, 13:18
It says on the terms that it is only one pack per new driver, but DS's instructor took several without question. It might vary with different locations though.