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16th January 2008, 19:07
Hope someone can help with this - I recall seeing theatre tickets being availiable in deals but have looked on the webiste and in the deals brochure, but can't see the offer any more.

Has this deal ended??


16th January 2008, 19:28
I think it has, I can't find them either:(

16th January 2008, 19:28
Can not find it,

When I booked mine I throught they said up to the end of Jan

16th January 2008, 19:31
They were for fiddler on the roof and Billy Elliot,but just tried to look for you and cant find them.
Sorry phaps give clubcard a ring you dont have to give your name out when enquiring re deals,and have found them very helpful in the past.

16th January 2008, 20:18
i think these were only available for a limited time?
Thru Dec i think. :der:

17th January 2008, 15:27
Thanks - at least I won't waste any more time trying to look for something that has now ended!!

Shame its finished though looked like a good deal.