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21st January 2008, 15:41
Does anyone have a promotional code for MancDonald Hotels so I can check if CC rates are available for a particular place & date?

Hilton uses PT20CC for a similar search.

Also, anyone used the Drumossie just south of Inverness?

26th February 2008, 20:39
hi i am looking for this code as well, does anyone know where to get it ?

26th February 2008, 20:57
Hi, taxi driver from Inverness here...!!

The Drummossie is a realy beautiful hotel a very popular Wedding venue, it is a 10 min drive to the city, not far at all.

Can not recommend it enough! probably the nicest hotel in Inverness.


2nd March 2008, 20:58
i have probably missed out on a good deal as im new to this but i have recently booked a break with macdonald and as far as i was made aware you can only book using the quality breaks brochure if you are using cc points, you can order a brochure by ringing macdonald or looking for the quality breaks price when you do a search, this price is listed with the other rates.