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23rd January 2008, 21:56
has anyone eaten at livebait in london? was wondering if it was any good? thanks in advance.

24th January 2008, 11:00
I've not eaten at Livebait in London but I did eat at Livebait in Manchester last year. I would definitely recommend it. Food was excellent, service was excellent and the atmosphere was also excellent. Unfortunately I don't live in Manchester, I was just visiting, otherwise I would be going to Livebait more often.

miss bargainmad
24th January 2008, 13:27
I'm the same - only eaten in the one in Manchester and it's beautiful. I did walk past the one in Covent Garden when we were in London at Christmas and it did look really nice. I can't see there would be a massive difference between then as its practically the same menu.

24th January 2008, 13:55
thanks both :)

25th January 2008, 03:34
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