View Full Version : Idiots (me?) guide to renewing my expiring clubcard vouchers?

1st February 2008, 22:56

Just after a bit of advice, I've got a stack of clubcard vouchers expiring this month, and need a dummies guide to 'renewing' them.

Have never ordered clubcard vouchers before, so I'm just a bit worried about wasting them all! :o

Thanks in advance!

1st February 2008, 22:57
you could order some Deals that you have no intention of using then wait a week after receiving them and send them back to Tesco to get credited back to your accounts - you will then get the points re-issued in the April/May statement

1st February 2008, 23:23
I had some and just rang up and explained I was saving them for a future holiday. They were cancelled and re credited to my next quarter.

1st February 2008, 23:28
Yes, thats what I have done a few times. No problem. Soooooooo Far anyway.