View Full Version : Has anyone used PayPal-Offers for a Tesco shop?

7th February 2008, 22:48
Hi everyone,

:help:I am quite new to the site and am very grateful for all the tips. I only just started using Quidco and have successfully tracked a few purchases. Has anyone used PayPal offers with a tesco grocery order (is this possible).

I have done a shop via the link in PayPal offers and can't see where you can track it on your account.
I'm hoping somebody has successfully done a shop and can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

7th February 2008, 23:11
Just had a quick look at this and signed up.

Can you pay with Paypal then on Tesco's site, be brilliant if you can, my card's blocked again. :(

8th February 2008, 20:11
Not sure if you can - don't think so. I've just paid with Tesco Credit card as usual.

9th February 2008, 21:46
I have used it for quite a while, but there has been no payment and they don't answer your e-mails either, so have given up and use my supermarket to recieve i-points :)

28th February 2008, 14:23
anyone managed to use this successfully yet? was thinking of using it, but read about i points so might give that a go