View Full Version : Anyine recommend Virgin Hotel??

9th February 2008, 14:53
Can anyone recommend a hotel I can take my 2 year old too in Los Angeles?

Want something nice but not sure if Hollywood etc is child friendly. Planning to go to Disney but oh also wants to see Hollywood, Santa Monica etc so not sure if staying by Disney for a week is good idea when only planning 3 days there, and if it would be too much travelling everyday.

Hope this makes sense!

9th February 2008, 15:19
Not sure if you are a member of the dibb, quite a few on here are. Its a website all about travelling to disneyworld in Orlando but they also have a section for travel outside of Orlando and there are lots of friendly knowledgable folks on there - if you don't get a lot of info from the lovely peeps on here you might try there www.thedibb.co.uk

9th February 2008, 15:30
Thanks Flo - will have a look now!

9th February 2008, 22:34
We're not going for another couple of months so can't give recommendations yet, but if you want Disney and Hollywood etc I'd stay in 2 hotels, it's 30 odd miles to Anaheim where Disney is, and traffic's meant to be bad. We're doing a couple of nights in Anaheim then some in Hollywood.

10th February 2008, 12:29
I think not to expect to much of Hollywood... I thought it was seedy, grubby and some areas really not nice....

And evenings Sunset Strip was full of hookers... ( both ladies and transexuals...)

On saying that Im glad I went...this was before kids though... we stayed in Beverley Hills and Anaheim...oh and a couple of nights in Long Beach and San Diego..

10th February 2008, 16:21
Thanks - thought might be a bit too 'busy' at night not really the place for a little one.

Have decided to look at staying in Santa Monica after Anaheim as it seems a lot more peaceful and is only 9 miles from Hollywood etc. Only prob is bit more expensive so need more points!!!

Ohhh how exciting!