View Full Version : Holiday deals info please ?

13th February 2008, 17:48
Hey all...

Im new on here and i was wondering if any of you lovely people can help me....

Me and hubby are looking at booking a wedding or honeymoon via either virgin or cosmos not sure which yet my question is i already have ?1000 worth of deals do i change up the deals tokens for holiday vouchers or just keep saving them up and do it all in one go.. and once you have changed them up into holiday vouchers do they have an expiry date on them and how long do you get once changed?

Just a little worried having the vouchers sitting about not exchanged and Mr T has a massive re-vamp and starts taking points and vouchers away , not sure if this will happen or not so just wanted some advice... it's the only way we can afford to get married so a little worried!:confused:

13th February 2008, 18:05
once you change up your clubcard vouchers they have a 6 month expiry date.


13th February 2008, 20:17
Thanks for your reply and the info :) i think i will just keep hold of them till we have enough

Thanks again :)