View Full Version : code s vouchers -anywhere?????

16th February 2008, 19:54
i have several differnt lots of s codes vouchers for a trip to london next weekend ,
bella italia , tower of london, planet hollywood , do i have to keep them all separate or can i use them anywhere
help appreciated
thank you

16th February 2008, 22:29
Hi you can use them anywhere that isn't a buy in full deal, so that should mean you can mix and match as you wish. Let us know how it goes I want to do a weekend trip with my vouchers so would be interested on how you get on and what you recommend. Are you staying at a hotel using Deals.

17th February 2008, 13:32
thanks for the info
i will let you know how it went
we have a theatre break deal through daily mail go twice a year
cost ?175 for two nights and two top price thearte tickets and we get a fun bus ticket to london ?20 return for both of us so whole weekend shoud cost less than ?200 which isnt bad for nice hotel/ theratre break in london
i didnt know about tesco vouchers till this year so never booked hotle with them :)

17th February 2008, 23:44
What show are you going to see?

18th February 2008, 19:28
if i can remmber right its absurd person singlular with jane hoorocks and gornon sinclair from gregory's girl , been to see 49 steps fab , guys and dolls great and last time we went to see blood brothers whihc was defintly the best one so far
not long to go now , although not lookig forad to getting the 5.30 am bus but it gets us there at 7.30 so get the whole day then ! i like to make the most of the weekend :D