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17th February 2008, 20:04
I have ordered my Deals Vouchers for Irish Ferries last Monday and they haven't arrived. Has anyone else experienced a delay recently or is it the fact that i ordered using 7 different accounts (all to the same address)?:behindsofa:

Any advice would be much appreciated.:)

17th February 2008, 20:08
I haven't had any delays in receiving vouchers. The last I order were Everyman ones and they arrived in 2 days

Did you order 7 different lots under 1 account or 1 or seperately on each account?

17th February 2008, 20:10
I received some about 2 weeks ago and they arrived within 2 days, these were from 6 different accounts at 2 addresses and I always make sure I put the correct vouchers through the corresponding account, just to be on the safe side. :)

17th February 2008, 20:12
Thanks Guys, i ordered the deals on 7 accounts registered at the same address. Getting a bit nervous now as have also booked the ferry...

17th February 2008, 20:20
Seems a long time, mine have always arrived within four days

18th February 2008, 20:05
I am sure that I have read that large amounts take a few days longer.

I ordered 2 lots last week, one lot on Weds night that arrived on Fri and the other lot ordered Thurs night arrived on Sat. Ordered my final lot on Friday and am desperately hoping they will arrive tomorrow :behindsofa:

Please Mr T

PS For both lots of deals I received I received an email the night before to say they were on their way, hope that helps some.