View Full Version : Legoland deals - help please!

18th February 2008, 18:31
Am looking at the day passes for legoland - says ?8.50 (in cc vouchers) for a day pass. But doesnt say anything about child or adult? Or is it the same? We are 2 adults & 2 children, so do I just order 4 @ ?8.50???:der::help:

18th February 2008, 22:04
That's a good question. When we went last year there were Adult and Child passes showing, now the site only has one regular and one annual.

So it would appear you now have to order 4 of these, but the guide still mentions child and senior separately.

On one page it says "If you need any help understanding any part of this website, please call 0808 100 0707"

So might be worth a call to clarify (you probably wouldn't have to give any details)

18th February 2008, 22:12
total rip off this year they have put the child price up to adult price and also increased the adult price ticket so you have no option but to buy at the quoted price, you can get cheaper 2 day passes but cannot pay for these with deals.
So depends if just a 1 day visit or if in area for a few days take time before ordering

19th February 2008, 07:31
Thanks guys, after reading it all more last night, have ordered the 4 passes. So ?34 in cc vouchers. Really cant complain at that, as we wouldnt go there if had to pay for it, so v v nice to be going for free!

Did consider the annual pass, but wont get the use from it, as wont visit alton towers, or chessington, or thorpe park! Worked out better to get the legoland ones, and also warwick castle individual ones, as want to go there.

Also got tokens for longleat. Its soooooo fab to be able to take the children to all these places for free!!!!!!! :D:D:D