View Full Version : Help, another London question please?

18th February 2008, 19:02
We have been lucky enough to have been given free ticket for a return to London on a specific date near the end of April, therefore the dates we want to go, from a Friday to Monday are set in stone.

I know most of the hotel want the Deals at the time you book, we are not bothered which hotel we use as long as it's fairly central, can I order any hotel Deal but use them at any one of the listed accomodation once we find availability at the right price?
Sorry if this has been asked before, thanks in advance.

18th February 2008, 19:57
Try Novotel, there are several in London. Go on the Novotel website and choose which one you like best or make a short list and then ring them up, the code is Tesco1. The girl I spoke to today was very chatty, loads of tourist info. She asks you if you already have your deals and then if you are sure you have enough she goes ahead for you. When you,ve booked you get a booking number to put on your deals.

After Id done the booking I orded my deals on line. These you hand into reception when you go. Bookings can be cancelled quite close to the date and you only need a CC to confirm your booking if you book in after 2 oclock.

I did my booking today and it was very straightforward.

18th February 2008, 20:03

Thanks thats great info, but i have just booked Mercure, Bankside, it's quite near one place we want to go.

It was ?247 for 3 nights, bed & breckie, and as you said, as long as we turn up with the Deals before 2pm on day of arrival everything will be Ok.

Looking forward now, will have to change a few more to Deals for our food!