View Full Version : Grrr, too late for my hols.

19th February 2008, 13:43
Well, after saving for a family hol at Haven in half term week, I go to book and they've sold out of the caravan I wanted.
True we could have a more expensive one and put money towards it, but we are not in the position to put much cash towards it.

I know we are small time collectors compared to many, I'm just a bit gutted.

Now I am planning to get the vouchers recredited, and use them for some theme park days out instead.

Curses on the new no term time holidays rule, and curses to tesco for having no decent codes anymore.


19th February 2008, 13:44
Aww hun,thats a shame,hope u have some great days out tho! x

19th February 2008, 13:46
book one for the next hols??

19th February 2008, 13:48
Look at a different park perhaps? Or pontins?

19th February 2008, 13:50
aww thats a shame :(

yeah why not look at a different Haven site,or check out Pontins / Butlins

Hope you find something


19th February 2008, 13:59
I dont know if they are still avalible but try Youth hostals, might get a nice surprice, you could always combine them with days out to make it a bit more special.

19th February 2008, 14:00
We are now searching for a plan B! I don't want to book anything too far in advance cos we want to move away soonish, so can't plan too far ahead.


19th February 2008, 16:32
whats the no term time holiday rule we took our youngest away in therm time this year

19th February 2008, 16:58
Our school wont authorise term time hols at all. It can lead to a ?50 fine per child, as I need to keep my options open and not cheese the school off as I might need references off them for work in the future.

In fact no school in our area will authorise holidays in term time. It really cheeses me off, cos those who are bringing the school attendance record down will continue to do so, and those with excellent attendance cannot even have 5 blooming days off for an affordable holiday.

Sorry for rant

(now planning for Alton Towers with deals instead!!)

19th February 2008, 18:21
:( so unfair

i wont take the boys out of school for holidays anymore,as my eldest is in secondary now

but up until last yr we took 5 - 10 days in term time for holidays.
5 days max at a time

they always had fab attendance apart from that ,they are never sick ( touch wood!) and they were always authorised no problem

i bet some families will continue to book term time holidays ,as even with a ?50 fine per child,they will be saving ?100s by going in term time !

19th February 2008, 18:27
I would still take mine out (or maybe even fib) and did last year. The letter that was sent home said that the school could fine us. I wrote and apologised to the head teacher and explained that circumstances meant we had to take her anyway and that I would rather do it with her blessing (also i think that non auth absences are frowned upon more than authorised so may be in their interests to authorise) May be worth talking to the school and explaining situation? That said as i did that last year we are going in summer hols this year