View Full Version : Warning for Those Planning To Get BA Premium Plus Card!

14th March 2008, 21:28
Hi All,

Just to alert anyone who was planning to get the British Airways Premium Plus credit card, that it seems American Express are planning to ditch the 'reduced fee for existing Amex cardholders'.

It seems that NEW BAPP customers will have to pay the FULL ?120 annual fee for this credit card in future. Existing customers are not affected and will continue to pay their current annual fee (either ?30 or ?0 depending on which other Amex cards you have in your wallet).

It seems this is "in the works", so if you've thought about getting this card, get it now before this change takes effect!

You can read about the planned changes here (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=797932) at Flyertalk.

I hope this saves someone here ?90/yr..


14th March 2008, 22:55
any idea when ? - I've read the flyer talk thread, and as usual from that forum, I'm confused !!!

14th March 2008, 23:02
i have a blue card arrived yesterday can I apply tomorrow for this and get the reduced fee???

15th March 2008, 00:25
I know what you mean Janed, the FT topic was a bit over the place but the way I read it is that this rule change is "coming soon", but the folks at Amex seem to be in the middle of getting their act together right now so nothing has been made "official" yet.

Slugbug, in your shoes, if I was planning to have the BAPP card anyway, I would apply for it now thru the website, before they have a chance to update the T&C's. Fill in your details of your existing blue card when asked. Normally, you have to have had a card for six month's before they will waive the fee. But I've heard of people getting lucky, in that they applied for the BAPP card after only having the blue a little while, and they were set up on the reduced fee.

Or, after a year, they were charged the full ?120 fee, so they called up and said "hey I've had a blue for a year and when I signed up was told I'd only be charged ?30" and they then had the difference refunded and set at the lower fee.

In your shoes, I'd personally take a punt at it, apply now, and hope for the best. The worst case scenerio is that you're told your card will have the full ?120 fee, and they won't waive, in which case you just exercise your right to cancel the card within the first 14 days and you they should cancel any fee.

It depends how determined/set you are on getting the BAPP really. If you want to stand a chance of getting it at a reduced rate, it may be best to apply now before they have a chance to change the rules...

15th March 2008, 12:28
just about to apply for a prem plus online it seems the card info states a fee of ?120 will be charged - does not mention any reductions in charges


the Card Account Terms and Conditions in the link state you will pay ?120

if i apply now will i be charged ?120 since it states that fee on the website

dilemma dilemma............

if i can cancel within 14 days of application and not pay the ?120 fee (if charged) then i will risk it just incase they have not enforced it yet


15th March 2008, 15:49
I think it always stated ?120, the reduced fee was available but not widely advertised so far as I remember. Best to ring them I think.

15th March 2008, 18:11
i rang them and they said its ?120 for all new applicants and the rules changed last month :mad:
will probably give it a miss now

15th April 2008, 13:12
Any one been waiting patiently with another card for six mths to get the reduced fee now finding this out, please PM me.