View Full Version : Old reading glasses - anywhere to donate them?

21st March 2008, 17:15
Just found several pairs of glasses, and was wondering if anyone could suggest any charities who might be able to use them?

21st March 2008, 18:10
I have a feeling you can take them into opticians - like specsavers - and they send them on to third world countries?? Hang on, going to check it out

Yep, you can take them into any store and they will pass on.


21st March 2008, 18:15
Dollond and Aitchison take them.
From their website:

D&A recycling glasses for Vision Aid Overseas

Dolland & Aitchison is a Titanium member of Vision Aid Overseas. Vision Aid Overseas is a charity dedicated to helping people in the developing world whose lives are blighted by poor eyesight.

Started in 1985, Vision Aid Overseas has provided 500,000 eye tests and given 250,000 people the ability to see with a pair of glasses. D&A The Opticians collect and recycle glasses that help thousands of people in developing countries who otherwise cannot see well enough to carry out day-to-day tasks, or to earn a living.

Dolland & Aitchison have glasses recycling bins in all of their branches. If you have any unwanted glasses, please bring them into any D&A branch so we can continue to support Vision Aid Overseas

21st March 2008, 19:43
Thanks - I will have a look next time I go to my local branches :) Have repped you both :)

22nd March 2008, 22:35
Our specsavers has a bin at the front of the store for you to pop them in for overseas people :)