View Full Version : Quidco and BMI & Qantas

black cat
1st August 2008, 00:27
Think it must be all the airlines coming on boards now.

BMI is giving 4% back and Qantas are giving 2% back.

As with the BA one it will be interesting to see if they give cash back on the tax element of the fare as well.

2nd August 2008, 11:50
Yes, definitely good news more airlines are coming on board.

However, it seems BA didn't last long as they are no longer showing up on Quidco. BA Holidays seems to be there instead:

[6% for all hotel, car hire, sightseeing and transfer bookings (N/A to Flight or other bookings) ]

2nd August 2008, 17:38
the flight I booked with BA whilst they were there is still not tracking (10 days)