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4th September 2008, 14:38
Bought a HSM watch for DD. It arrived, and i found that it was not a 'leather' strap as advertised and i think it is counterfeit. Also, the back was scratched at the back where the battery goes in.
I contacted the seller and he eventually agreed to refund the watch and postage, once i mentioned that mis-advertising is against ebay policy. I also get to keep the watch! I just want to contact ebay and let them know about the mis-advertising and counterfeit watch. How do i go about this?

4th September 2008, 14:44
I would wait until the buyer sends the refund. I would then leave feedback to the effect that the watch was not as described (Although I may leave neutral feedback rather than negative if they buyer agreed to refund immediately).

In my experience eBay don't seem to care about authenticity once an item has been sold, but feel free to contact them using the help, contact us function.

I would keep an eye out on the buyer and if he lists again then report the active listing as a fake and ebay will remove the item and send the buyer a warning.

Hope this is helpful.

4th September 2008, 14:47
Have already had the refund via paypal and left neutral feedback. Do ebay really not care about this sort of thing?

4th September 2008, 14:50
oh forgot to say that he sells hundreds of similar watches and all say 'leather' and am now sure all are counterfeited.

4th September 2008, 14:51
Get in contact with revenues and customs.........they like dodgy goods :D

4th September 2008, 14:53
Get in contact with revenues and customs.........they like dodgy goods :D

but the seller is in China

4th September 2008, 14:58
but the seller is in China

Ah.... you never mentioned that :eek::eek: still worth a mention as he has to send into the countryand they could stop the goods.

4th September 2008, 15:13
Think they would start to be bothered after taking a hammering from the likes of gucci and d and g etc for selling of fake designer goods.....just hope that there more on the ball this time. xx

4th September 2008, 15:31
You can guarantee the watch is fake if it is a supposed Disney product and has come from China :(

Ebay report link -
Scroll almost to the bottom of the page for the Contact Us form.

I thought Disney would have been members of the Ebay VeRo programme, but can't see them listed unless I missed them?

Grace & Favour
4th September 2008, 15:34
Well done for spotting this . . you should also report to your local trading standards authority (clicky) (http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/)

Only when peeps like us actually report these scammers and thieves will we start to drive them out of business!

Well done again!