View Full Version : Help - Anyone got a copy of yesterdays sun

19th September 2008, 14:12
Ive been asked by a friend (who has no computer) to order a bag from asos that appeared in yesterdays sun newspaper. I havent got a copy so havent a clue whats shes on about.

Apparantly its black patent quilted with a double padlock???

Has anyone got any ideas before i order the wrong one?

Thanks xx

19th September 2008, 14:16

Then click on slide show, the ASOS one is the first slide.

To save you all going through your recyling bins !!

19th September 2008, 14:20
Thank you xxx Have left you a rep

19th September 2008, 20:55
pleasure hun

20th September 2008, 17:40
So did you order it ? Looks nice.

22nd September 2008, 16:53
Yeah got one coming for her - Ill have a sneeky peek when it arrives :)

Sorry - Meant to add, she decided against the original one & went for a slightly diferent one. More of a tote bag (a bit like the Chloe bags with a big padlock)