View Full Version : anybody heard of this company?

21st September 2008, 16:31
Not sure if this is in the right place so please feel free to move it if not.

Was wondering if anybody had any experience (good or bad) of a company called ridedvds.com that advertise on PTS. Was looking at their site when I spotted it earlier and they seem incredibaly cheap even though it says you pay a membership fee of $39 a year.
Don't like signing up for companies I don't know unless anybody can give me any feedback


22nd September 2008, 12:45
I take the lack of response as a "No" then.:)

22nd September 2008, 12:53
Just had a quick look, and it only mentions shipping to USA and Canada. It seems you can sign up from any country, but I don't know how much shipping would cost to the UK.

23rd September 2008, 20:05
Sorry not heard of them,.