View Full Version : Anyone heard of this website??

22nd September 2008, 21:57
I am looking to order something from a website called dsbargains.co.uk and was wondering if anyone else has heard of them or has ordered from them? They have a really good deal on something i really want but am a bit unsure of ordering from them as i havent before.At the payment stage on the site they accept paypal and credit/debit cards but there is no security logo or anything to say they are safe to order from.What do you all think??? If i was to order from them which would be the safest payment option,paypal or my credit card? Help please.

22nd September 2008, 22:04
Try here:


22nd September 2008, 22:13
Thanks jane,how did you know that was what i was looking at? lol. Have you got one of these?? i would love to know a bit more about them.The site i mentioned is selling them for ?16.99 with no micro card but play have some cheap micros so not a problem.The other site is selling the tt card wheras the link you gave is selling a different sort,which is best? do you know? does it make a differance? Can you tell im not that technically minded!! lol

22nd September 2008, 22:23
Ok so just had a good look at the site and they are selling the r4 and the tt card both are the same price with no sd card,?15, but was wondering which is better?? Or are they the same??