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far canel
16th October 2008, 20:57
Advice needed on selecting redemption seats for family.
1) If 2 first & 3 club booked together (because of 2-4-1 will have to be by phone incurring an extra charge:mad:) The 1st will be able to pre-assign seats but can it also be done for the clubs' on same booking via MMB?.

2) if 5 clubs are booked in 2 transactions online (2-4-1 & miles alone) can they later be merged/linked without incurring extra charges.

Have checked availabilty is ok for number of different dates required.

16th October 2008, 21:01
have you checked reward availability or just for the seats in general?

far canel
16th October 2008, 21:07
have you checked reward availability or just for the seats in general?

reward availability on the web site via the new checker system.

17th October 2008, 09:14
Can you get F and J seats on the same booking? I thought everyone had to be in the same class to keep the same booking reference. My gut feeling is therefore No for your first question. Those of you in Club are stuffed until 24 hours before departure. If there are children (2-11) in the booking, you can check in earlier at 72 hours before departure.

BA is not keen on merging bookings. In 2) above, if you have 2 kids under 11 travelling then you should put one child in each of the two bookings. The bookings will not be linked but you will all be able to select seats at 72 hours before departure anyway. If you have only 1 child under 11 in your party, you should book on the phone (and pay the fee) if you're worried about seating because this should get the 5 seats on the same booking ref. If you have 0 children under 11 then there is no point anyway.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't get too worried about the seating issue. There is no easy way to seat 5 people in CW anyway so it will always be a bit of a compromise. If you're flying on a holiday route then the number of Silver and Gold card holders on the flight will be low anyway so you won't see that many seats taken before 72 hours.

far canel
17th October 2008, 10:07
Thanks for the reply Raffles. knew it would be you answering, could have pm'd you but thought that other people may be interested in knowing and thats whats this forum is about.
About my trip, alas youngest is 16, so will bite the bullet and go for pot luck. flying to LA so is both holiday and buisness route. This is regarded as our last family holiday as the girls won't want to go with their 'old' parents etc. My wife and I flew to LA in Jan in club (upper cabin outwards) and would love to give my girls that same opportunity, hence converting to miles rather than Motorpoint,
Once again thanks for you reply.

17th October 2008, 14:41
To be honest, at 16 your kids would probably be happy to be seated away from you so they could watch the 18-rated films and try to get the cabin crew to serve them alcohol!

far canel
28th October 2008, 09:08
Booked it for LHR-LAX 3 in club (on line) & 2-4-1 in 1st outward and club on return (can only do this on phone), all on the same flights. Thought that as we will be sleeping on return may as well be club, and must try 1st class as least once in our life.
Thanks for all your replys.

28th October 2008, 09:40
Good stuff, hope you enjoy it. LAX is a great use of miles given the flight time and the modest 100,000 mile requirement (compared to, say, Tokyo which is the same distance but needs 160,000 miles in Club).