View Full Version : i cant believe i did this :(

13th November 2008, 20:56
I have just coverted ?60 of tesco vouchers to airmiles not BA airmiles. I called tesco clubcard c.s and they said once coverted they don't think you can change them back but she would try for me first thing. Anyone shed any light on this?


13th November 2008, 20:57
ufortunately - once its done its done - not reversible

13th November 2008, 20:58
bummer, that's not the answer I was looking for. I don't even have an airmiles account!

13th November 2008, 20:59
they create you one if yu dont already have one - sorry :hug:

14th November 2008, 07:16
That will teach me to try and multitask!

Fingers crossed/straw clutching time now that the lady i spoke to can sort it this morning.

Is it the same with all vouchers? i.e. once converted no changing back?

14th November 2008, 07:44
no holidays, meals etc can be changed

14th November 2008, 08:30
odd that miles cant be changed then........

thanks for all the replies.

14th November 2008, 08:31
think its because they are actually deposited into another "points saving scheme" as opposed to physical vouchers

14th November 2008, 09:16
Happy update time.

Ive just had a call to say they have been swapped over to BA miles. There must be a short period of time in which you can call up and swap them.

Thanks for all the replies.