View Full Version : Any cheap baskets anywhere at the moment?

18th December 2008, 15:45
I only need one, a reasonable size ( about 2 ft square) if anyone has seen any I would be really grateful for help. Have finished all other pressies :)

We dont have a Home Bargains or Pound Shop near though :(

Many many thanks

18th December 2008, 16:09
How about Dunlem Mills, worth having a look. I think there is also supposed tob e a cloth lined laundry basket in Tesco. Or even check Argos

18th December 2008, 17:10
ARe the baby baskets too small for you?

18th December 2008, 17:35
I saw some lovely ones in the 99p shop, easily fit a baby in them so obviously quite big!

18th December 2008, 18:08
Thank you all, I am off into town for late night shopping and will look where you suggest
:) :) :)

18th December 2008, 21:49
Wilkinsons had some good baskets last time I looked there...

18th December 2008, 22:28
Try Morrisons if you have one near, they had some lovely seagrass baskets about a month or so ago.

18th December 2008, 22:44
We got a lovely one in TKMAXX a little while ago

18th December 2008, 22:46
We got a lovely one in TKMAXX a little while ago

They were my big hope but I was there earlier in the week and for once they let me down :(

18th December 2008, 22:48
Ah shame, they can be very hit and miss