View Full Version : BA reward flights - just checking

23rd December 2008, 14:38
If I was to need to change destination or even cancel a reward flight, I know I should be able to, but has anyone actually done it ?, was it easy enough ? thanks.

23rd December 2008, 14:50
Should be easy, just give EC a call, just checked in online for tomorrow :clap2:

23rd December 2008, 15:36
You can often do it online - it is one of the options under Manage My Booking. Sometimes this option greys out for no good reason but it is often doable. I cancelled a sale booking last week online with no problems - never changed a booking online but I believe its no problem to change dates. You may need to ring for a new destination.

Cancellation attracts a 15 fee if you not a BA Gold, as do changes.

23rd December 2008, 18:54
thanks - haven't actually booked for this holiday yet, but want to do so in Jan for next Xmas, but a few things won't be decided till april which may mean cancelling but hopefully not.

far canel
24th December 2008, 14:46
have cancelled and changed flights on-line